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Gov. Rick Scott often rejects Florida Bar's lists of lawyers to nominate judges

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott, seeking to bring the court system more in line with his conservative outlook, has repeatedly rejected lists recommended to him by the Florida Bar of lawyers seeking to screen candidates for judgeships.

Scott has rejected dozens of attorneys the Bar has nominated to serve on judicial nominating commissions, created decades ago to professionalize the bench and make merit and qualifications at least as important as political connections.

Editorial: Scott puts politics into judiciary 3, 2013
Rick Scott is threatening the independence of Florida's judiciary by ...state's 26 Judicial Nominating Commissions, one for each of Florida's20 ...

Gov. Scott needs to keep hands off Florida's judiciary - ‎Oct 29, 2013‎
The governor appoints five members to each nominating commission and is supposed to pick the other four from lists of nominations from the Florida Bar. But as the Times' Steve Bousquet reported this week, Scott has said no 16 times to the Bar's lists of ...

Fla. Gov. rejects many of state bar's judicial nominating commission picks

ABA Journal - ‎Oct 30, 2013‎
Florida Gov. Rick Scott apparently has little regard for what the Florida Bar considers a good candidate for a seat on the state's 26 judicial nominating commissions. Scott has rejected the bar's list of recommended nominees 16 times, the Tampa Bay Times ...

Times/Herald: Rick Scott Rejects Florida Bar's Recommended Judge Screeners

FCIR - ‎Oct 30, 2013‎
Rick Scott is raising eyebrows for the number of people he has rejected from the Florida Bar's recommended list of candidates for the judicial nominating commission, according to reporting from The Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Tallahassee bureau.

Court Advocates Seeking Stronger Protections for Fair & Impartial Courts

Fair courts advocates who have rallied to defeat two separate but equally dangerous attempts to politicize
Florida courts are not standing down. Leaders of Democracy at Stake (DAS) and Floridians for Fair & Impartial
Courts (FFIC) on (day) announced the merger of the two non-profit, non-partisan organizations and their
commitment to staying ahead of the ongoing threats to the fairness and impartiality of the courts.

Washington’s traditionally cautious and pragmatic business lobby could slip into open warfare with the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party amid frustration over the 

Did Congressional Redistricting cause the government shutdown?
DES MOINES | A deeply divided and partisan Congress comes close to forcing the country to default on financial obligations and only a last-minute legislative agreement stops that from happening.

Former Justice O'Conner on Merit
O'Connor opposes election of judges, and said states are better off with appointed judges because merit-selection appointment leads to higher quality judges, and keeps political money and advertising out of it.

Games belong on the playground courts, not our judicial courts
By Alex Villalobos
"Judicial nominees deserve a simple yes or no vote. Here in Florida, we must let Senators Nelson and Rubio know that we are aware of the judicial vacancy issue, that the judges who sit on our courts matter, and that we won’t stand for continued political obstruction in the Senate."


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