Democracy at Stake is a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to maintaining the critical balance of power between Florida’s three co-equal branches of government.  Our broad-based coalition is working to preserve a fair, impartial and non-political court system by identifying threats, developing solutions and promoting reforms to keep courts free from political influence.  

The  National Association of Women Judges  “Informed Voters – Fair Judges” project is a non‑partisan voter education project developed to increase the knowledge of our citizens about the judicial branch to inform them that politics and special interest attacks have no place in the courts, and to give them the tools they need to exercise an informed vote.

NO on Amendment 3
In 2014, a proposed Amendment to the Florida constitution was presented by the sponsoring lawmakers as a simple "clarification" of who has authority to make judicial appointments for vacancies that happen to coincide with a change of Governors. In reality, the amendment was a wholesale change that would have allowed an outgoing Governor to stack the court on his way out the door.  Hall+Media Strategies partnered with former State Senator Alex Villalobos for a barnstorming tour of editorial board meetings, generating a wave of editorial opposition that was key in defeating the stealth measure at the ballot box.   


A strategic (and personal) partnership with TLH Consulting Group LLC provides the deep subject matter expertise needed to drive the fair courts initiative forward in Florida.  Firm principal Tom Hall has been directing improvements in the business side of the delivery of justice for 25 years - including 13 years as the Clerk of Court for the Florida Supreme Court.

On November 2, 2010, Floridians overwhelmingly demanded that lawmakers end the historic manipulation of congressional and legislative districts to protect the seats of incumbents or advance the interest of their political parties.  Adoption of the Fair Districts Amendments was just the beginning of the battle.  In 2012 the Fair Districts Coalition turned to the courts to force lawmakers to comply - litigation that continues to this day.  Hall+Media Strategies serves as media liaison for the coalition partners, working to keep media engaged and promoting accurate reporting of the court proceedings.  

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